LECO LR Series

Rockwell-Type Hardness Testing System

LECO’s LR Series Rockwell-Type Hardness Tester is built to handle high-volume workloads while maintaining accuracy and repeatability. A variety of models—including analog, digital, and twin testers—are designed to suit specific needs and applications.


  • User-friendly operation panel
  • Convenient OK/NG indicators
  • Automatic measuring mode
  • Hardness conversion scales conveniently displayed on operation panel
  • Free loads and light-load Brinell available on LCR500


  • LR110 Series
    The most economical choice for Rockwell-only or Superficial-only testing
  • LR310 Series
    The most economical choice for Rockwell and Superficial testing
  • LCR500
    Fully automatic load cell Rockwell-type hardness testing system with an advanced full-color touch panel display



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