LECO AC500 Isoperibol Calorimeter

Gross Calorific Content
The AC500 determines calorific value, a key indicator of quality and value in solid and liquid fuels, through measurement of the heat released after combustion of a sample. This stand-alone benchtop unit uses a fully-integrated circulation system for a compact footprint—no additional heaters or coolers required. An integral water-measuring station simplifies sample preparation, and a Windows®-based operating system uses an electronic thermometer accurate to 0.0001°C to measure temperature every six seconds. Two-channel correction is possible through constant temperature monitoring in both the outer jacket and the calorimeter proper.


  • High precision across a wide range of sample sizes and ambient conditions
  • Fuse wire or string-ignition combustion vessel
  • Several analysis modes available: Regnault-Pfaundler, Precision, and Predictive


An optional string-ignition combustion vessel provides a seamless analysis without wire connections. String-Ignition Vessel


  • AC500 with no vessel
  • AC500 with wire igniter vessel
  • AC500 with string igniter vessel



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