Coarse Grinder
The LECO GR-20 is a high-speed, heavy-duty, wet or dry grinder engineered to quickly accomplish the coarse grinding stage. It can be used to prepare large or small samples for metallographic or spectrographic purposes.


  • 3 HP (2 kW) motor drives a balanced 12-inch (30 cm) diameter aluminum wheel at 1750 RPM (60 Hz)
  • The water inlet, located inside the base of the splash bowl, connects to the water outlet in the protective wheel guard to promote better abrasive flushing
  • Available single or double 36-inch (90 cm) console models feature laminated phenolic working surfaces and include 6-inch (15 cm) cup sinks with stainless water spouts


The GR-20 has an efficient dust collecting system for dry grinding applications. Dust-laden air is drawn through an expansion chamber where heavy particles drop out. The air is then pulled through three fiberglass filters to remove any remaining particles.


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