JW-BK200B Surface Area and Porosity Analyzer



BK200B is a fully automated, two-station, surface area and porosity analyzer that delivers high-quality data at an affordable price. It is capable of increasing the efficiency of routine quality control analyses to meet most research requirements

Model JW-BK200B
Principle the static volumetric method, gas adsorption

BET, Langmuir, BJH, t-plot, DR, αs-plot, MP, HK, SF, and NLDFT

Structural Features 2 ports
Vacuum System

≤ 10P-6 Pa (7.5×10-9  torr), mechanical pump and turbo molecular pump

Pressure Tests

≤ ± 0.15% (F.S)

Pressure Range

1×10-8 _ 0.998

Test Gas

N2 (high purity); Ar, Kr, CO2, CH4, etc. available

Test Range

surface area ≥ 0.0005M2/g, no upper limit; mesoporous and macroporous 2-500nm; micropore size 0.35nm -2nm; pore volume 0.0001 cm3/g, no upper limit.

Test Accuracy ≤±1.0%(surface area); ≤0.01nm(the most frequency micro pore) ≤±0.04% (True density);≤±1.5% (STSA)
True Density Accuracy
Control Method Automatic
Degassed Parity, ectopic vacuum degassing pretreatment systems are controlled by separate pressure sensors


P0 port with dedicated pressure transducer allows continuous monitoring of saturation pressure.

JW-BK200B is ideally suited for the characterization of MOFs, zeolites, activated carbons, adsorbents, and a wide variety of porous and non-porous materials.



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