JW-04 Surface area analyzer



Surface area analyzer is a fully automated instrument, using the comparison method with easy operation and high speed.

Model JW-04
Principle Low temperature adsorption, desorption at room temperature; Flow Chromatography

Reference Comparison Method

Structural Features Four analysis stations, four samples can be tested simultaneously. Pretreated independently
Vacuum System

Pressure Tests

Pressure Range


Test Gas

Mixed gas of high purity nitrogen and helium (Nitrogen partial pressure: 0.3)

Test Range

Surface area ≥0.01M2/g, no upper limits

Test Accuracy Repetition accuracy±1%
True Density Accuracy
Control Method Automatic control, the nitrogen partial pressure adjusted automatically; adsorption-desorption automatically.
Degassed Vacuum pretreatment machine, it can handle up to 4 samples, temperature: room temperature-400℃.


Rapid Determination of the specific surface area analysis, particularly suitable for the graphite, the electrode material of the lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide, nickel hydroxide, lithium iron phosphate, etc., and production online of white carbon black.

Adsorbent (such as activated carbon, silica gel, activated alumina, molecular sieves, activated carbon, calcium silicate, sepiolite, zeolite, etc.);

Ceramic raw materials (such as alumina, zirconia, silicates, aluminum nitride, silica, yttrium oxide, silicon nitride, quartz, silicon carbide, etc.);

Rubber material reinforcing agent (such as nano calcium carbonate, carbon black, silica, etc.);

Battery material (such as lithium cobalt, lithium manganese, graphite, Lithium nickel cobalt oxide, cobalt oxide, lithium iron phosphate, lithium titanate, three elements, three-element material, a polymer, the polymer material, polymer battery materials, alkali-manganese material, lithium ion material, lithium manganese material, alkaline material, zinc-manganese material, quartz powder, magnesium and manganese material, carbon material, zinc-air material, mercury-zinc materials, acetylene black, nickel hydrogen material, nickel-cadmium material, diaphragm, the active material, additives, conductive agent, corrosion inhibitor, manganese powder, electrolytic manganese dioxide, graphite, nickel hydroxide, nickel, the modified graphite material, the positive electrode active material, a negative electrode active substance, zinc powder, etc.) ;


Metal oxide (such as zinc oxide, calcium oxide, sodium oxide, magnesium oxide, barium oxide, iron oxide, copper oxide, etc.);

Magnetic powder material (such as tri-iron tetroxide, ferrite, ferrous oxide, etc.); nano-metal materials (such as nano-silver, iron powder, copper powder, tungsten powder, nickel powder, aluminum powder, cobalt powder, etc.);

Environmental industry (such as pigments and fillers, column packing materials, inorganic pigments, calcium carbonate, silicon oxide, mineral powders, sediments, suspended matter, etc.);


Inorganic powder material (such as titanium oxide, titanium dioxide, titanium dioxide, etc.);


Nanomaterials (such as nano-powder materials, nano-ceramic materials, etc.);

Rare earth, coal, cement, energy storage materials, catalysts: (diatomaceous earth)
Purifying agent, filter aid, the luminescence of rare earth powder materials, powder materials, powder materials, ultra-fine fibers, porous fabric, composite materials such as powders and particulate materials than detection of surface area and pore size analysis, widely used in universities and research centers the material research and the powder material production enterprise product quality monitoring.


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