Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography

The GCxGC offers you the resolving power of a GCxGC system combined with advanced ChromaTOF® software for an increase in efficiency and productivity for samples that are too complex for a single-channel detector system. Ideal for everyday quality control and production needs, these GCxGC systems provide you with all the tools necessary to achieve exceptional results.

Transfer analytical methods developed on your Pegasus 4D GCxGC-TOFMS to a cost-effective GCxGC system for routine analysis.

GCxGC-ECD/FID Brochure

GC-TOFMS Technology Overview Brochure


  • Enhanced separating power for complex sample analysis
  • Easy-to-use ChromaTOF®-based software provides acquisition processing and reporting funtionality within a single package
  • Classification software feature simplifies component identification
  • Flame Ionization Detector (FID) and Electron Capture Detector (ECD) models available


Two-dimensional gas chromatography occurs by the repeated and re-injection of effluent from one chromatographic column into a second column of orthogonal phase. The cycle of refocusing and re-injection is matched to the time required for compounds to elute from the second GC column, resulting in separation of compounds across a plane, rather than just along a line. With our GCxGC system this is accomplished with a dual-stage, quad-jet thermal modulator positioned between the two columns.

Pictured here are GCxGC components and connections: (A) GC inlet, (B) Primary GC column, (C) Connection between primary and secondary GC columns, (D) Quad-jet modulator, (E) Secondary oven, (F) Transfer line, (G) Detector.

2D Chromatography


GCxGC Overview


  • GCxGC with LN2 Cooled Thermal Modulator
  • GCxGC with Consumable-Free Modulator


  • Liquid Nitrogen- automated fill
  • Optional inlets amilable (including S/SL, PTV, and MMI)
  • Optional Detectors Available (including FID and ECD)


Add-On Products
Below you will find various products and accessories that have been integrated into our Separation Science product line to give you the most powerful tools available on the market.

Liquid & Gas Chromatograph
Gas chromatography featuring the 7890 GC system. Various inlets and injectors are also available.


Sample Preparation & Automation
Sample preparation and automation solutions for GC and GC/MS designed to optimize performance, enhance productivity, and extend capabilities. Solutions include Liquid/Headspace/SPME injections, Thermal Desorption, and Automated Liner EXchange (ALEX).


Nitrogen Generators

Nitrogen generators that operate on house air or a built-in compressor.


Chromatography Products

A select number of high quality chromatographic columns.


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