Multi-phase Carbon and Water Determination

The RC612 quantifies the carbon and water present in various organic and inorganic samples, and identifies the source of several types of carbon content. The large diameter reaction tube supports moisture analysis on a variety of sample types including powders, flat strips, or sections of tubes.

Among other applications, the RC612 complies with AWS (ANSI) approved method for Determination of Moisture Content of Welding Fluxes and Welding Electrode Flux Coverings. The small footprint, easy-to-use operating software, and increased instrument robustness are all a part of the advanced RC612 design.


  • Qualitative and quantitative analyses
  • Expanded detection range
  • Surface, Free, Organic, Inorganic carbon type differentiation
  • LECO software flexibility offers user friendly interface for routine and research applications
  • Optional rugged 50-position autoloader for automated unattended operation
  • On-board diagnostics to minimize downtime


A block design with larger, more robust tube end makes installing the combustion tube quick and easy. RC612 Combustion Tube


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