Dynamic Nitrogen Adsorption BET Surface Area Analyzer (Surface DX-02)

The AMI-surface DX represents a new affordable and fully automated high-throughput BET
analyzer. Perform single and multi-point dynamic BET experiments in a fraction of the time
of static methods. The AMI-surface DX is ideal for quality control. It can also be used in a
wide range of industries from pharmaceuticals to oil and gas. The AMI-surface DX can run
four samples and combines the benefits of flow BET with full automation.



Method Dynamic BET
Test Single or Multiple Point BET
Number of Stations 4
Repeatability <= 1.0% on reference sample
Accuracy  <= 2.0% (surface area dependent)
Dimensions 25” x 20” x 27” (L x W x H)
Power 110 volts
Degassing External 

Applied Field

Typical Materials


Material Research

ceramic powder, metal powder, nanotube

According to surface area value of nanotube, hydrogen storage capacity can be predicted.

Chemical Engineering

carbon black, amorphous silica, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide

Surface area of carbon black is one of the important factors affecting the reinforcement performance of rubber products.

New Energy

lithium cobalt, lithium manganate

Increasing surface area of electrode can improve Electrochemical reaction rate and promote iron exchange in negative electrode.

Catalytic Technologies

active alumina oxide, molecular sieve, zeolite

Active surface area and pore structure influence reaction rate.


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