Dynamic Reducibility DR 5000, DR 2000

DR 5000 system is designed to operate dynamic test according to ISO 13930 (Dynamic test for low-temperature reduction-disintegration – LTD)

DR 2000 system is designed to perform both Determination of the low-temperature reduction (according to ISO 11257) and Reduction Degradation (according to IS 10823 )

The equipment is based on an electric horizontal oven including two half cylindrical heating elements where the rotating reaction tube is placed.

The Control Cabinet provides for temperature, gases flow rates and tube rotation motor control.

From experiences of several laboratories involved in these tests, it has been pointed out that results reliability greatly depends on temperature and reaction gas flow rate accuracy, therefore electronic mass flow meter and high quality temperature controller are supplied.



Control Cabinet

Control Cabinet includes complete top quality control and monitoring instrumentation. Temperature of sample is driven by digital programmer and controller to obtain best isothermal test condition.

A temperature alarm controller assures oven safety cutting off power in case of over temperature. Automatic inlet of Nitrogen and Reaction gas is provided according to temperature program. The power to the gear motor is also automatically supplied.

Gas flow control is obtained by a digital mass flow controller for reaction gas and by a rotameter for N2 (as option a mass flow meter also for N2 is included). Manual gas and motor control is also possible for checking purpose. A Touch screen recorder and data logger, and Ethernet connection, provide local and remote recording of test data.

Horizontal Oven

The electric oven consists of a steel structure placed on a basement and including the heating elements and insulation material.
The rotation at the proper revolution speed is provided by means of a gear motor placed inside the basement. A dust separator is placed at the end of gas line in order to collect dust and powdered matter coming from rotating tube.

LTD Horizontal Oven
Reaction Tube

Reaction tube is manufactured according to ISO Standard dimensions and materials: all parts operating at high temperature are made of heat resistence Stainless Steel to obtain long tube life.

Internal lifters, as required by the standard, are placed inside the tube. A gear wheel on the reaction tube gives the rotation in connection with the geared motor in the basement.


Reaction Tubes

Two heat diffusers are placed at the end of the tube in order to reduce temperature of outlet gas flow.

DR 5000 DR 2000
ISO 13930 ISO 11257   IS 10823 Sec 2
  LTD Reduction Degradation
Max Operation power  7 kW 4 kW
Flow rate measuring device Digital Mass Flow Controller
Vessel Length 540 mm 200 mm
Vessel Diameter 150 mm 130 ± 1 mm 130 mm
Resolution 4 ———– 4
Sample Mass 500 g ± the mass of 1 particle 500 ± 1 g
Test Temp 500 ± 5 °C 760 ± 5 °C 550 ± 10 °C
Reduction Time  60 min 300 min 60 min
Reaction Gas Mix Mix A Mix E Mix B
Reaction Gas Flow rate 20 ± 1 nL/min 13 ± 0.5 nL/min 15 nL/min
Rotation speed 10 .± 0.2 RPM 10 ± 1.0 RPM 10 ± 0.5 RPM
MAIN POWER: 220 V + Neutral (7 kW max) 220 V + Neutral (4 kW max)


Gas Mix Composition %
A 58 20 20 2
B  70 30 —-  —
E  36 5 55  4

RB Automazione Catalogue 2017

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