Bettersizer S3

State-of-the-art laser particle size analyzer

Bettersizer S3 represents the leading particle size analysis technology for wet dispersion solution. Measuring range from 0.01μm to 3500μm can meet the most stringent requirements of fundamental research, product development, and process control applications. The advanced optical design, DLOIS, automatic refractive index measurement, and high quality manufacturing ensure convenient, reliable operation and accurate results. SOP and automatic circulation & dispersion system ease the workload and improve user experience.

● Measurement: Particle size and shape
● Particle size from 0.01µm to 3500µm
● Particle shape from 100µm to 3500µm
● Technology: Laser diffraction + Automated imaging
● Automatic refractive index measurement



Features and Benefits

• Measuring range:
Particle size from 0.01μm to 3500μm.
Particle shape from 100μm to 3500μm.

• Dual Lenses & Oblique Incidence Optical System (DLOIS): eliminates the fitting error of double beam system, enlarges detection angle (0.02 to 165 degree) and assures high sensitivity, resolution and accuracy.

• Particle size & shape: one CCD camera with 120 fps, 1.3 Mpixel and 0.5x lens. Combine particle size shape analysis.

• Refractive index measurement: pre-determine the refractive index of materials; improve the accuracy of measurements of materials with unknown refractive index data.

• Ease of use: Standard Operation Procedure (SOP), automatic alignment, automatic circulation & dispersion system, and the powerful software make sample analysis on Bettersizer S3 a one-button operation.


Intelligent Particle Sizing Performance

Bettersizer S3 represents the latest Bettersize particle size analysis technology for wet dispersion solution. Measuring range from 0.01µm to 3500µm can meet the most stringent requirement of different industries and a variety of test samples.

The accuracy of Bettersizer S3 as verified by measurements of eight standard samples.

Bettersize 3000_pic4

Bettersizer S3 measures samples with a wide distribution range. Six repeat measurement results under same analysis conditions yield good repeatability as shown in the following graph. Average repeatability deviation of D50 is 0.31%.


Detection limit test : A mixture reference standard samples of 3.1 µm and 5.1 µm nominal diameter was used to gauge the resolution of the Bettersizer S3 against the industry benchmark particle sizing instrument. The mixing ratio of 1.65 was used for the test. Bettersizer S3 clearly out-resolve the benchmark instrument as shown in the following graphs.


Test methodology: Measurement with a mix reference standard sample of 0.3mm, 0.85mm, and 3.5mm was performed against a benchmark instrument. Bettersizer S3 resolves three peaks in the measurement result, while the benchmark instrument only able to resolve two peaks.




Particle size distribution Suspension, emulsion, dry powder
Theory Mie and Fraunhofer
Anslysis thoery Mie and Fraunhofer
Testing speed 3kHz
Typical measurement time ≤10 second
Size range 0.01- 3500μm (particle size)
Number of size classes More than 100 customized grades
Particle shape 100um-3500um
Refractive Index Refractive Index measurement
Accuracy ≤0.5% (GBRM D50)
Repeatability ≤0.5% (GBRM D50)
Resolution ratio Single peak, double peak, multi-peak
Green light source Max. 5mW, DPSSL pumping, 532nm
White light source Led
Lens arrangement Dual lenses on the right and left of sample cell, oblique incidence
Lens design F-Theta Lenses
Effective focal length 223mm
Arrangement Log-spaced array
Quantity 96 pieces (forward, sideway, backward)
Angular detection range 0.02 – 165 degree
Light path adjustment Intelligent automatic alignment
Wet dispersion system Standard configuration
Dispersion system Ultrasound 50W, 38 KHz dry run protection system
Water circulation Centrifugal pump, 500 -2500 ml/min, auto water intake and rinsing
Water capacity 600 ml
21 CFR Part 11 Enable
SOP Designer Enable
Report More than 14 formats
Auto test Enable
Data export EXCEL, PDF, WORD, JPG and etc.
Laser class Class I laser product
Supply voltage 220VAC, 180W
Dimension 820mm x 610mm x 290mm (L x W x H)
Weight 47kg
Computer interface At least a USB2.0 port required
Operation system Windows XP, Windows 7,8 or 10
Hardware specification Intel Core I5, 4GB RAM, 250GB HD



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