BeDensi T series tap densitometer

BeDensi T series includes BeDensi T1 (one cylinder), BeDensi T2 (two cylinders) and BeDensi T3 (three cylinders). The densitometers equipped with multiple cylinders to measure powder samples simultaneously. BeDensi T series meets the criterion of Chinese National Standard GB/T 21354-2008, international standard ISO3953: 1993 and in accordance with provisions of the United States Pharmacopeia Drug tap density.




BeDensi T1
Tap Density Tester
BeDensi T2
Tap Density Tester
BeDensi T3
Tap Density Tester
Measurement: Tap density
Testing tube: One
Measurement: Tap density
Testing tube: Two
Measurement: Tap density
Testing tube: Three


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