Bettersizer S3 Plus

Complete particle size and shape analysis on one unit

Bettersizer S3

State-of-the-art laser particle size analyzer

Bettersizer 2600

Smart and robust
 laser particle size analyzer (wet and dry dispersion)


Bettersizer ST

Practical and economical laser particle size analyzer (compact model)

Bettersizer S

Practical and economical particle size analyzer (Modular model)

BeVision W1

Automatic dynamic image analyzer

Nanoptic 90

High sensitivity nano-particle analyzer


BeVision D1

Image analyzer for dry and wet method

BeVision M1

Cleanliness analysis expert

BeVision S1

Classic image analyzer for particle size and shape

PowderPro A1

Integrated solution for powder characteristics tester


PowderPro M1

Classic work for powder characteristic analysis

BeDensi T series tap densitometer

BeDensi T series includes BeDensi T1 (one cylinder), BeDensi T2 (two cylinders) and BeDensi T3 (three cylinders).

BeDensi B1

BeDensi B1 bulk density meter adopts natural deposition method. Its manufacturing standard meets the criterion of GB / T16913.3-1997- Part III: Determination of bulk density.

BeDensi B1-S

HFlow-1 tests the flowability of metal powder by measuring whether the sample can flow through the 2.5mm standard funnel.


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