The growth in all sectors of the manufacturing industry in Indonesia indicates that opportunitiesin Indonesia is very lucrative. The national industry development is currently directed to a clear policy to answer the challenge from the globalization impact and world economy liberalization. The development of industry sector will be directed at

  1. Strengthening and deepening industry structures
  2. Creating a more conducive investment climate
  3. Increasing industrialization, consolidation and restructuring
  4. Increasing the roles of small-and medium scale industries
  5. Expanding industry development
  6. Improving the ability to master industry technologies.

Why Indonesia

Based on the analysis of comparative and competitive excellence, the priorities for industrial development until 2012 will focus on strengthening the following industry clusters:

· Petrochemical industry
· Fishing industry
· Food and beverage industry
· Palm oil industry
· Rubber and rubber based product industry
· Pulp and paper industry
· Electrical machinery and electrical equipment
· Timber Industry (including rattan and bamboo)
· Textile and Textile product industry
· Footwear industry

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